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Prairie Yogi Inc. has a proven record of hosting inspiring events for an engaged community, most notably Prairie Love Festival, an annual yoga and wellness festival set in nature at Birds Hill Provincial Park, which hosted 800+ participants in 2017.

Snowflake’s third annual wellness conference will host over 300 participants looking for reprieve and inspiration in the midst of a prairie winter + by making our vendor villages open to the public, we receive hundreds of non-participants as well.

The Prairie Yogi community consists of health-conscious women and men of all ages living in Manitoba and Saskatchewan who believe in living a healthy, mindful life.  Please see the sponsorship opportunities to connect your business with this valuable community, who believe in doing right for their bodies and the environment, even if it means spending a little more. By becoming a sponsor of Snowflake, you can expect an opportunity to authentically connect your business with your target consumer with increased brand awareness, social media exposure, and on-site activation, among many other valuable opportunities outlined in our sponsorship packages.